Lower Back Pain. What if…?

As the seasons change toward warmer weather, it is inevitable, we start to see an increase in lower back injuries due to new activities such as yardwork and spring cleaning. But what if I told you your lowback pain wasn’t coming from your lowback?  There are actually two different areas that cause most of the … Read More →

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Headaches. What if…?

What if I told you there was a better way.  A way to lessen and resolve many of your issues that was safe, effective and didn’t involve polluting your body with drugs?  Would you be interested? I am embarking on a series of articles to explain the chiropractic approach to some of todays most common … Read More →

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chiropractic care - all in my head

Is it all in my head?

Have you ever been told it’s all in your head or there is nothing we can do for you?  In my yeas as a chiropractor I have been told by numerous new patients about all of the doctors and therapist that they have seen to no avail, that we were their last hope or the … Read More →

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