How Chiropractic Helps with Migraines

I’ve been with Dr. Strelcheck for about a year now. I was experiencing migraines constantly, and ever since he has treated me my migraines have gone down, and any issues that I’ve had he has been able to fix. The office staff is wonderful. Dr. Daniel’s awesome. The massage therapists are also wonderful. I’ve had … Read More →

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Migraine Relief

Knead to Know Facts Can Massage Ease Migraine Pain? If you suffer from migraines, you know all too well the time lost to pain, nausea, photosensitivity, and a general unwell feeling.  Many people today choose to pursue alternative medicine to help alleviate and prevent migraines.  Massage has proven itself a powerful alternative to traditional medications … Read More →

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Adrenal fatigue?

Tired of being tired? Adrenal fatigue is a collection of signs and symptoms known as a syndrome that results when the adrenal glands function below the necessary level. Most commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress, it can also start during or after acute or chronic infections, especially respiratory infections such as influenza, bronchitis, or … Read More →

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Patient of the Month, Jenn L.

Daniel: Hi, I am Dr. Daniel Strelcheck with Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic. Welcome to our patient of the month Jenn Lachel. Jenn: Hi, I am Jenn Lachel. I have unfortunately been dealing with severe headaches, migraines, upper neck pain, shoulder pain for most of my adult life. It has not only affected me physically but emotionally … Read More →

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