Go At Your Own Pace!

Okay, here is a news flash: You’re one of a kind!  No one in the world is exactly like you, and being unique is a fabulous thing!  It’s important to keep this in mind whenever you start spouting gloom and doom about how much longer it’s taking you to lose those last 10 pounds than … Read More →

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Natural Nutrition. Health with Everyday Foods

Natural Nutrition. Health with Everyday Foods. Healthy Living. Check out what these everyday foods can do! Apples- Protects your heart, prevents constipation, blocks diarrhea, improves lung capacity, cushions joints. Apricots- Combats cancer, controls blood pressure, saves your eyesight, shields against Alzheimer’s, slows the aging process. Artichokes- Aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol, protects your heart, stabilizes … Read More →

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Massage During Hospice Care

How Can Massage Help in Hospice Care? Massage is one of those curious human interactions which differ in their effect, depending on the intent with which they are performed and received. The reason why touch is so powerful is based on the recognition that tactile experiences are the first sensations which greet us at birth. … Read More →

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