Gluten Free – A Lifestyle

First you must understand what gluten is.  Gluten is “a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.”  Watch out for oats though.  Although they are gluten free, they can be cross-contaminated during the production process. Try and remember this.  Gluten free means wheat-free, but wheat free doesn’t necessarily mean gluten-free.  Spelt and kamut are two … Read More →

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Gluten Free – A Lifestyle

From Pam Strelcheck I’m not kidding you. It happened just like this. I woke up one day after years of abdominal stress and announced to the world that I was going to be gluten free. I headed to the local bookstore and armed myself with all the knowledge I could in the hopes of getting … Read More →

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Why Cook Gluten-Free, for your Health

Why cook gluten-free when you haven’t been diagnosed with a sensitivity or Celiacs Disease? Well, the Gluten-free diet may be the healthiest diet you’ve ever tried and it may improve your health, both physical and emotional. Over the course of your life you have been taught that wheat especially whole wheat is good for you. … Read More →

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