Strelcheck Chiropractic helps Big 10 Swimmer

Colleen Champa: My name is Colleen Champa and I have been a competitive swimmer for as long as I can remember. I had dreams about swimming in college and competing at the Olympic Trials one day. By the age of 12, my body was falling apart from the sport. I struggled through hip and shoulder … Read More →

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Karen, Healthy Happy Life

Karen: Hi. My name is Karen. I’ve been a patient at Strelcheck Chiropractic since April 2013. I didn’t have any insurance for quite some time, and then when I finally did get insurance I was quick to find a chiropractor. I did check around in the area, and they have the flexibility of the hours, … Read More →

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How Chiropractic Helps with Migraines

I’ve been with Dr. Strelcheck for about a year now. I was experiencing migraines constantly, and ever since he has treated me my migraines have gone down, and any issues that I’ve had he has been able to fix. The office staff is wonderful. Dr. Daniel’s awesome. The massage therapists are also wonderful. I’ve had … Read More →

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