Benefits of Chiropractic Care for ALL Ages

Chiropractic Benefits from Infancy to Seniorhood Making regular appointments to see a chiropractor could be a family affair! That’s because, no matter the age demographic, chiropractic care addresses various health ailments and offers preventative treatment using safe and natural methods. Grandma, grandpa, mother, father, sister, baby brother. Everyone in the family has the opportunity to … Read More →

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Strelcheck Chiropractic helps Big 10 Swimmer

Colleen Champa: My name is Colleen Champa and I have been a competitive swimmer for as long as I can remember. I had dreams about swimming in college and competing at the Olympic Trials one day. By the age of 12, my body was falling apart from the sport. I struggled through hip and shoulder … Read More →

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Gearing Up For Golf

Twenty-two million Americans of all ages, shapes, sizes and ages play golf.  The pros make it look easy, but golf can be hard on your body, especially your back.  “Golf-related injuries send thousands of people to emergency rooms every year.”  (source: Mayo Clinic Health Letter) What can you do to help minimize your risk of … Read More →

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Plan Your Gear

Ready, Set, Exercise! Be smart when choosing the right workout clothing.  Think comfortable and make sure your clothes don’t chafe, ride up or slide down. Always choose the right shoe for the type of exercising.  For weight training and low impact activities consider a crosstraining shoe, running or walking shoes.  If you are going to … Read More →

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