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The Chiropractic Specialty Difference

In my last article I laid out some of the basics of chiropractic. Now I want to dive a little deeper into the different specialty work that we, the doctors, at Strelcheck Chiropractic use on a daily basis to get our patients well. You see after high school, like many kids, I wasn’t sure what … Read More →

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Chiropractic 101

“The game of life requires the edge that chiropractic care provides.” – Jerry Rice If you look at the statistics chiropractors treat between 8-13 percent of the population which totals about 30 million visits a year. While that is a huge number that leaves a big percentage of the population that has no experience with … Read More →

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It’s OK TO BE SICK!!!!

We all know that feeling.  It starts with a tickle in the back of your throat.  Then the congestion and postnasal drip and body aches start.  That’s right you are getting sick!  Yep cold and flu season is here.  EVERYBODY FLEE IN TERROR!!!! Ok, ok stop I am kidding.   In the past few decades we … Read More →

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