Reduce Holiday Stress

Chiropractic Care for Holiday Stress The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year. Unavoidable for many, the stress stems from the hustle and bustle at the stores, erratic driving on the roads, and the general need to check all of the “tradition” boxes that take up dwindling free time: Christmas light … Read More →

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Eat (Some) Sugar Over the Holidays!

Eat (Some) Sugar Over the Holidays! We give you permission to eat sugar over the holidays. Seriously! After all, passing up the cookie platter or the vanilla- and chocolate-layered Christmas cake is unrealistic for many of us, especially on special occasions. However, we do have one condition: Don’t eat too much added sugar. From a … Read More →

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Only a Chiropractor Can Correct Vertebral Subluxation

Only a chiropractor can correct vertebral subluxation Vertebral subluxation occurs when misaligned vertebrae interfere with normal spinal nerve flow. Caused by physical trauma, both small and large, sufferers experience a variety of symptoms and effects. Those effects include increased risk of illness and disease. Vertebral subluxation is among the most common reasons why patients visit … Read More →

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