Are you putting the cart before the horse?

Whenever you are dealing with your health care it can be confusing about where to start treatment and what is the best course of action to achieve the best results for you.  As a chiropractor I have heard countless patients tell me their stories about going from doctor to doctor or going through physical therapy and not getting relief they are looking for.  Inevitably the answer lies in the fact that without proper spinal alignment the body cannot function at its best.  When you want to heal a stressed or injured body you need it functioning at its best.

Having proper alignment of your pelvis and spine is essential as they are the foundation of your body.  Without a stable pelvis and spine, much like a house with a bad foundation, you can do all of the exercise or therapy you want it will eventually crumble.  Your spine and pelvis are the anchor for most of the major support muscles of your core.  Improper alignment of these areas can cause an imbalance in strength and flexibility. This imbalance leads to premature degeneration of the surrounding joints, pain and a myriad of other symptoms.

Now when treating these issues, if you focus on just the pain or muscular tightness and weakness, you are only addressing half of the problem.   This is like trying to fix the cracking wall of your house that are being caused by a bad foundation.  Eventually it will give way.

Degeneration of the spine, in particular, is extremely concerning due to what the spine surrounds…the spinal cord.  When spinal degeneration starts it exacerbates misalignment of the vertebrae creating interference of the nerve signals from the brain to the body, due to the pressure on the nerves when the vertebrae misalign.  As a chiropractor I correct and restore the alignment allowing the patient to heal properly naturally from the inside out.  You see it is the proper alignment of the spine and joints of the body that is the key to a health.

When addressing a patients problems, and setting up a treatment program for a patient, it is essential to first address these skeletal issues.  While I believe it is essential to address the muscular weakness and tension, if you do not first deal with the foundational weakness you are not going to achieve the desired result.  This is due to the body having to continually compensate recreating those imbalances that lead you down the degenerative path. But if you are properly aligned, you will achieve even greater results from your exercise and therapy.

I have seen over and over again patients get the results they should because of addressing the core issues of pelvic and spinal misalignment first.  Without doing that you are definitely putting the cart before the horse!  If this sounds like you please give us a call we can help!

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