What is High Blood Pressure?

Nearly half of all Americans have high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease and stroke.  Blood pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries as it is pumped from the heart throughout the circulatory system.

If your blood pressure is chronically too high, it is called hypertension.  Continual high blood pressure might experience frequent lightheadedness, dizziness or pounding in the head or chest, most will go years without knowing they have the condition known as the “the silent killer.”

If you have hypertension and are taking medication to control it, you might want to explore alternatives.  Decades of research have shown natural alternatives, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes, can help your medications work better and reduce your dependence on them.

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Hypertension is not caused by tension or stress, even though some would say it is.  If you already have hypertension, your blood pressure will go up during times of stress but it is not the cause of it.  Known causes of hypertension include obesity, smoking and heredity.

Diagnosis & Treatment

At Strelcheck chiropractic clinic we have a dedicated team of doctors that will take a comprehensive medical history including all of the medications you are taking, as well as any over-the-counter medicines and physical examination in order to better understand the cause of your high blood pressure.

After a thorough exam a treatment plan will be prescribed in order to manage your blood pressure. The treatment plan will include chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your system. Provide nutritional advice, recommending a change in diet and perhaps the addition of vitamins.