Back to School Tips for a Healthy School Year

Back to School Tips for a Healthy School Year Kids like to pretend they are Batman or Black Widow, performing jaw-dropping jumps off the school playground equipment. They demonstrate their Incredible Hulk strength by lifting their 12-pound backpacks overhead. After recess, they resume their normal identities, sitting at a desk or table for roughly 65 … Read More →

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Oh, My Aching Back!

When children say their schoolwork is back-breaking, they might just be right!  The problem is their backpacks – heavily loaded with notebooks, schoolbooks, supplies, and sports equipment.  It is not just a hassle to carry  a heavy backpack; it can be dangerous.  Children are at risk of muscle fatigue or injury to their spine or … Read More →

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How is your child sleeping?

A case study published in a recent issue of the peer-reviewed, scientific publication, the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (JCCP) documented the effects of chiropractic care on a nine month old infant girl with a history of disturbed sleep.  The JCCP is the official publication of the Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics of the International Chiropractors … Read More →

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Colic is a condition in young infants characterized by an unusual amount of crying.  When they cry, they may draw their arms and legs toward their bodies as though they are in pain and may even turn bright red.  Colic usually appears between the 3rd and 6th week after birth and is typically resolved by … Read More →

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