TMJ Relief, Strelcheck Chiropractic Patient Joyce L.

Hello my name is Joyce Lewis and I have been a patient of Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic since 2001. I was referred to Dr. Daniel from a friend who had great success in relieving her lower back pain. My story starts back in grade school.

As my permanent teeth were coming into position, I did not have the room in my mouth to handle them so they started pushing against each other which created a very messy and crooked set of teeth. The dentist suggested removing several teeth and to prepare them for braces and at this time I started to have headaches, tension in the lower jaw and lack of motion to open my mouth.

Three years later I had braces applied to my teeth and that’s when the orthodontist noticed one side of my jaw was longer than the other. My headaches and the jaw issues continued on and off through my adult years.

I had a consultation with Dr. Daniel who diagnosed my problem as TMJ and I started treatment immediately.  After six adjustments I was feeling relief, less headaches and tension in my jaw area.

I will never get rid of my misshapen jaw but I now have a balanced one and I follow up with an adjustment two to three times a year to maintain the health of my jaw and I know can bite into an apple without pain.

Thank you Dr. Daniel for everything!

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