Is it all in my head?

chiropractic care - all in my head

Have you ever been told it’s all in your head or there is nothing we can do for you?  In my yeas as a chiropractor I have been told by numerous new patients about all of the doctors and therapist that they have seen to no avail, that we were their last hope or the end of the line. That they don’t know what else to do, they just need help.  These are the patients I love to treat.   Helping someone regain their life when they had been told or felt they couldn’t get better is one of the things that drives me and I want to bring that hope here today.

To understand how we take someone from the point of believing there is virtually no hope to feeling well again you need to understand what chiropractic does.  Chiropractic is proactive and allows the body to be able to express its full healing potential.  At its core it is based on the principle that the body and only the body can heal itself.  It has all the tools to heal and function at its optimum level.

However, there can be interference in this process that disrupts the nerve signals from the brain which are then altered or interrupted due to pressure on the nerves. This pressure is due to misalignments of the spine, known to us as subluxations.  As a chiropractor I correct and restore the subluxations allowing the patient to heal properly from the inside out thus reducing their symptoms naturally.  You see, it is the proper alignment of the spine and joints of the body that is the key to health.

Now we here at Strelcheck Chiropractic we dive in even a little bit further with the SOT, which we specialize in, that works on realigning and stabilizing the joins of the pelvis known as your SI joints.  When the SI joint is either misaligned or injured, the imbalance this causes relays a domino effect of compensation through the body.  This causes the body to breakdown faster and eventually biomechanical issues, pain and internal problems start to show up.   You see, the pelvis is the foundation of our body by connecting our legs to our torso.  So when your body has to compensate for the SI structural weakness, this causes compensation through the body that leads to the vertebral misalignments and interference of the body’s nerve signals.

By restoring pelvic stability and proper nerve flow we allow the body to heal itself and return you to a much improved state of well-being.  It is this combination that gives us the ability to help those that have not seen results before.  If you think or been told that there is nothing more you can do, please give us a chance to hopefully prove that wrong!

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