Headaches. What if…?

What if I told you there was a better way.  A way to lessen and resolve many of your issues that was safe, effective and didn’t involve polluting your body with drugs?  Would you be interested?

I am embarking on a series of articles to explain the chiropractic approach to some of todays most common and debilitating conditions that people suffer from.   So with my first one I figured I would start at the top literally and figuratively with headaches.

Research shows 9 out of ten people suffer from some form of headaches and they can range from primary headaches, which tend to be more severe and debilitating such as migraines and cluster headaches, to Secondary headaches which basically mean headache symptoms can be attributed to another cause.  Theses causes can range from tension, due to stress and teeth grinding, to having a hangover.

How can chiropractic help?  The first step for the chiropractor is to determine the type and cause of the person’s headaches because due to the underlying causes the approach may differ.  Primary headaches are singular issues caused directly by problems with the structures in the head and neck that are reactive and pain sensitive.  This includes the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck. They may also result from changes in chemical activity in the brain.  With the vast number of causes of secondary headaches it is extremely important to understand the how and why of these mechanisms, to eliminate or minimize these causes.  The first step in treatment is the chiropractic adjustment.

The purpose of all chiropractic adjustments is to improve spinal and body function by alleviating the stress on your nervous system, by realigning the vertebral subluxation or misalignment of the spine.  This is extremely important in patients with headaches because the pressure exerted on the spine, due to misalignments in the neck and head, interferes with that optimal function of the body.  This is a mechanical compression and irritation to spine, nerves and spinal joints which interrupts the nerve signals that lead to improper functioning of the body and its systems, which and can trigger or exacerbate the persons headaches.

After suffering with migraine headaches since the age of eleven and seeing significant relief with traditional chiropractic treatment when I went to chiropractic school I researched ways to improve my headache outcomes even further and that’s when I found the SOT and Cranial techniques that I practice today.  With this technique we use specific treatment protocols through our pelvic and cranial adjusting, which includes the TMJ, to even further relieve the headache symptoms.

Our gentle and specific approach to realignment of the head and neck has shown to be extremely effective at relieving all kinds of headaches.  As a migraine sufferer myself I cannot stress enough that you don’t have to live with these headaches or poison your body.  We can help!

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