Straight Up

With the significant incidence of scoliosis between 9-13 year old children, Dr. Daniel was promoted to develop a screening program.  To make it easy and more accessible, he decided to take this program to the families – at schools, park districts and hospitals around the Crystal Lake area.


The role of spinal screenings for scoliosis is to enable early detection to influence a positive outcome.  The “clothing on” screening process takes approximately 10-15 minutes and is painless.  Scoliosis screenings look for uneven shoulders and hip heights as well as a noticeable “rib hump” seen from behind when the child bends down to touch his toes.  Chiropractic care can help by adjusting the misaligned (subluxed) vertebrae and relieve the pain caused from pinched nerves.  The chiropractor uses gentle spinal manipulations to correct the vertebral rotation, heel and foot supports to reduce the curve, exercise to improve the muscle tone, nutrition to improve the general health and periodic checkups to evaluate the progress of the correction.

We truly partner from set up to follow up to make your screening an uplifting and memorable event including:

  • Event scheduling and coordination
  • Professional customized flyers to promote event
  • Full medical staff and assistants on-site
  • Follow-up for employees that miss the event
  • Refreshments

To learn more about scoliosis, or the “straight Up” program, call Susan Tank at 815-459-3860 ext. 313