Vitamins of the Month

Helpful traveling companions

As you travel on vacation this summer, whether across our country or across the ocean, there are a few nutritional supports that may provide helpful in preventing or alleviating gastro-intestinal upset and bacterial or viral infections.  Theses three supplements are recommended by Standard Process especially for these busy traveling weeks ahead.

ZYPAN – This is a digestive aid which breaks down protein, carbohydrates and fats by formalizing stomach ph (acidity).  Sudden dietary changes in different food and drink, time changes and lack of sleep, or even culture changes can be devastating to a vacation.  This digestive supplement can be very helpful.

CHOLACOL II – This supplement helps in intestinal detoxification/food poisoning by using calcium bentonite clay to absorb the toxin.  This material attaches to the bacteria and carries it out of the body by normal excretory functions.

IMMUPLEX – This is a combination of products that was formulated to increase the immune system’s response to bacterial and viral invasions.  These are helpful little traveling companions which might help avoid, or at least minimize, digestive, viral or bacterial problems on your summer vacation.  Another helpful hint…pick up a plastic container that is divided into the days of the week.  This will help you to keep the pills organized during your trip as well as helping to remind you to take the pills each day.


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