VitalSigns, Getting a Second Opinion

Are you frustrated with determining who to trust when it comes to your health care needs? I am Dr. Daniel Strelcheck with Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic.

Gone are the days when we had one doctor in town and zero choices to make concerning our health. Today the public is bombarded with chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists on every corner. It can be quite overwhelming when you’re in pain so who should you trust?

People today turn to their families and friends to help them decide because they are tired of being overcharged for services that are not necessary. They are looking for advice, education and getting well. They are also concerned with cost of care and whether there is insurance coverage.

In order to help clarify those concerns, an average adult chiropractic plan should be between $1500 and $2500. This is for typical 45-year-old who has ever seen a chiropractor before and is moderate to severe pain. With this plan, physical and massage therapy is not required and would be determined if needed during the course of treatment.

Getting a second opinion today is crucial in determining healthcare needs. Here at the Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic, we believe in keeping healthcare costs reasonable and are committed to advising, educating and helping our patients get well.

So the next time you need help with determining who to trust with your healthcare, call us at Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic. For a healthy and happy life I am Dr. Daniel Strelcheck.

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