Taking Charge Of Your Health And End Pain Naturally, Strelcheck Chiropractic, Crystal Lake IL

Dr. Strelcheck:Well, first understanding what chronic means is important. Chronic means it’s been around an extremely long time. So these people have had pain over many, many years and it will affect their mood and it will cause them to be depressed, it will cause them to not want to go out into the public. It will cause them not to be able to do their job as well as they think they can do their job and this is very depressing.

Some of the symptoms of chronic pain are irritability, sadness and indifference. The major cause of chronic pain is incorrection; people don’t get their body healed and repaired so it becomes chronic; over and over for years and years the same ongoing injury with the same ongoing condition.

Chronic pain is typically treated through pain medication and this helps the individual get some kind of relief although it puts them into a dependency because when the medication wears off the pain returns. There is many ways to help somebody with their chronic pain. First and foremost you have to identify the cause and then break the cycle.

If you allow the cause to continue over and over again, you are going to just have the same results which is the chronic pain. We use massage, chiropractic care, exercise and nutritional supplements to break that cycle. With chiropractic we are relieving the pinched nerves that leave your spine and go to your organs are the number one thing.

We also move the bone; so we bio-mechanically, your stronger structure. The massage not only is a stress relief but also breaks up scar tissue that is formed in the muscles from the chronic injury that was occurred.

The nutrition supplements and supports your adrenal glands and any other organ that is associated with the chronic pain. This supplementation helps the adrenal glands produce more adrenaline which is energy for the body so it can heal and it can heal faster and better. And the exercise, well exercise has been known to release endorphin’s and endorphin’s are a healing entity of the body, it helps the mind feel better and of course building a structure or muscular support system around an injury is always an excellent idea.

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