Strelcheck Chiropractic Patient, Tara C., Crystal Lake IL

I started coming basically because of some abdominal issues and stomach problems and your typical stiff necked, stiff back but mostly a lump in my throat that I felt and had some serious testing done including a needle biopsy to my thyroid and nothing was helping. And after a few treatments here, the feeling of a lump in my throat was gone along with all of the other aches pains started disappearing after just a few treatments.

I had been seeing a different chiropractor for a couple of years actually before I came to Strelcheck and it didn’t matter if you had a neck pain or back pain or a foot pain, it seemed to me like that chiropractor did the same treatment every single time whereas at Strelcheck they seemed to modify and have the treatment to go with the aches and pains that you have that day.

They adjust your back or your neck and it’s painless and you just get up and feel so much better when you walk out the door.

My name is Tara Calebris and I am a patient here at Strelcheck Chiropractic Center.

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