Strelcheck Chiropractic Clients, The Champa Family, Crystal Lake IL

Dave: We are the Champa family. I am Dave, this is Cindy and this is Emily and we have three other daughters as well.

Well, being an ex-athlete I had plenty of symptoms. When I came here I had massive headaches and went through a whole routine with medical doctors and so trying to figure out what it was and so I had a lot of good reasons to come here.

I have been coming here for a little over two years now and my main reason when I came here was I had issues medically that I was having them evaluate like headaches and backaches. I was going to a chiropractic clinic in another location for years, for almost 20 years.

After he took x-rays and we found out what I was looking like after 20 years of going to somebody else it was very embarrassing. And so he took initiative and we had a plan we put together and things had worked out great after the first couple of visits; things were better than they were after going therefore 20 years.

Cindy: Yeah, it’s been working great. I have been coming here for about six months. I am the last of the client to come here. I am a runner and about seven years ago I fell off a ladder, sprained my ankle and really never did anything about it but it just wasn’t quite right and came in, had some x-rays; my ankle, my hip, my neck; so Dr. Dan is great. It feels better than ever.

Emily: I have a gallbladder problem and I have been coming here for a year.

Dave: He gave us some techniques how to help it out and he treated her and some pressure points and we work on them as much as we can and she has gotten better because of it.

Cindy: Yeah, they make you feel right at home. You are at ease when you come here.

Dave: I keep coming back for one reason and only because there is results after every single time he takes care of me. If it’s not immediate it’s within hours after I leave here I feel the relief of whatever he has treated me for and I will continue coming back just because I know I can get better.

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