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Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic was recently invited to be interviewed by Silver Solutions Radio.

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Jeanette:                Good morning everyone, welcome to Silver Solutions Radio your show for living long and aging strong. We’re bringing you this show because we’re passionate about helping people; especially seniors and the disabled. Good morning, I am Jeanette Palmer and am joined by my cohosts Kathy Waters and Jim O Janowski.

Our guest today is Dr. Daniel Strelcheck Junior of Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic in Crystal Lake and welcome Dr. Strelcheck. We’re going to call you Dr. Dan for the rest of the show because it’s hard to say Strelcheck.

Dr. Dan:                 Alright, Oh perfect.

Jeanette:              Thanks for being a guest on the show today.

Dr. Dan:                 My pleasure.

Jeanette:              I saw on the Internet that Strelcheck Chiropractic, in 2008, celebrated 50 years for serving the community. Clearly you didn’t start the practice.

Dr. Dan:                 Correct. My father started in it 1958 and I took it over in 1998 and we have been helping better Crystal Lake in McKinley County area for all of the time.

Jim:                           Dr. Dan, how many total years has the Strelcheck Chiropractic being serving the community?

Dr. Dan:                 57, we are about to start our 58th, yeah.

Jim:                           Okay, so 57 years, that is absolutely awesome.

Dr. Dan:                 It’s been really our pleasure. Our communities have supported us so well and we just love them.

Jeanette:              I know you have a beautiful facility. I have seen it when I have been on Route 14 in Crystal Lake, and a it is beautiful; and you recently opened a facility in Barrington?

Dr. Dan:                 Yes we did. We joined the group over there in Smith building across from Good Shepherd Hospital; it’s in the same building with Lake Cook Orthopedics and Women’s Health so we’re excited about that.

Jeanette:              Yeah, that’s a great spot for you and how it all goes together; that would be perfect. And then the commute wouldn’t be so far either so yeah, excellent. And so we know that chiropractic is helping with structure. We are primarily serving the elderly people and so all of the structure starts at an early age kind of like a tree. How do help people stay healthy?

Dr. Dan:                 Well we have a big children’s practice because we know that the more things you correct when the child gets injured at the very early age from their falls. Just typical smash their bike into a tree kind of stuff, football and athletics seem to be a big cause for injuries and misalignments.

Jim:                           True; golf would be another one.

Dr. Dan:                 Yeah but I love golf. The more things that you align properly as far as the joints of the body, the spine or your shoulder, elbow, knee, the less arthritis or wear-and-tear that you will have when you’re older. So we can still slow that process down even at an elderly age and by aligning the joint, it also then lubricates better with movement. It’s a very common knowledge that movement helps heart rate is in the elderly but if the line or joint is not aligned properly then it doesn’t lubricate as well it’s like the front end of your car; if it’s misaligned it’s not going to go down the road street.

Jim:                           Absolutely true!

Jeanette:              And I know too you had mentioned that you have a large practice serving children and for instance my grandson’s ankles are not straight and I know that when my children were small, I had them in leather shoes that would hold the ankles straight to try and get them to line up and I don’t think that the shoes are doing that anymore, it’s not common knowledge or they are not even making those shoes that use to see bronzed when we were children and so I think that they are being more need for our children to visit you to become aligned.

Dr. Dan:                 I think you are very astute with that Jeanette. We see a big trend in sandals quite honestly and sandals virtually don’t have any support even the ones with the strap behind the back of the heel, it’s still not like wearing a nice solid shoe like you are describing or a tennis shoe even is pretty good so we’re certainly trying to get all of our kids into more sturdy shoes.

Jeanette:              Yeah and then to for the adults with back problems and things like that, the shoes again help to keep the spine aligned and the hips aligned so that there isn’t as much pain or arthritis because everything is aligned. And so do you have orthotics too in your practice?

Dr. Dan:                 Yes we do. My partner Dr. Pete, we made sure that he got some advanced training in orthotics and so he has been doing all of the foot orthotics and the moldings for the last 10 years for us.

Jeanette:              And does insurance help pay for that?

Dr. Dan:                 Most insurances do. I am sad to say that Medicare is not in so that’s one of the things that Medicare doesn’t pay for through a chiropractor but maybe a podiatrist, you can receive orthotics so I would suggest most Medicare patients see a podiatrist considering their orthotics.

Jeanette:              That’s another crazy thing that Medicare doesn’t cover because it keeps a person healthy and it is preventative versus reactionary.

Dr. Dan:                 Yeah, I agree with that. But you know what? We have found that our public sees value and wherever they see value then they will spend the money.

Jim:                           No doubt.

Dr. Dan:                 Everybody works hard for their money and we believe that if you really give them a good bang for their buck, value, that they will see it and they will spend the money.

Jeanette:              Yeah. As small business owners we strive to provide value to our clients every day and so we completely understand that.

Dr. Dan:                 That’s what I would like to just mention that investing in our children and our grandchildren when they are young certainly helps with lowering the debt of their health care when we’re older.

Jeanette:              Absolutely, yes.

Dr. Dan:                 So if we can just invest a little bit every year to maintain our children after their injuries then that really helps prevent later in life expensive healthcare concerning arthritis and nerve impingement and weakening of the spine, all of the things that cost exponentially as we get older for surgeries.

Jim:                           Absolutely. It’s kind of like greasing your front wheels so your wheel doesn’t fall off one day.

Jeanette:              Well I’m just checking to make sure the bolts are still tight.

Jim:                           Checking everything because the preventative maintenance, well, let us call it preventative maintenance, preventative maintenance is so much less expensive than having invasive surgeries and having to go in.

Jeanette:              Yes, and less painful.

Dr. Dan:                 So if something does get impinged it sometimes will take 25 to 30 years for the symptoms to develop severe enough where something has to be done or the patient notices it.

Jeanette:              But if you’re being adjusted and aligned like on a regular basis say you like a yearly tune-up then it doesn’t have that much time to be misaligned.

Dr. Dan:                 Correct. So you are a stronger structure, you are more flexible structure so you can take the bigger hit if it does happen – slip on the ice, trip down some stairs and with the nerves unimpinged your organ function better.

Jim:                           Sure!

Jeanette:              And you were saying too earlier when we were talking about how some of those organs and the stress on them will cause misalignment like in your back or something. Can you just touch on that? I know that’s a deep subject and we could talk an hour on it.

Dr. Dan:                 Well I will give you a real simple example. Everybody loves sugar or a large portion of sugar.

Jim:                           I know I do!

Jeanette:              I do too.

Dr. Dan:                 And the sugar affects the pancreas because as we consume it our pancreas has to produce insulin to break down the sugar. Now when you are hypoglycemic you may over produce the insulin so your sugar levels drop down below normal and then your adrenal glands have kick in and release adrenaline to raise your energy levels.

Now if you get in this negative loop cycle where you just keep on eating too much sugar, it starts to strain the pancreas and the brain says: help me, help me give the pancreas more energy! So it still is it from upstream and the upstream nervous system feeds the muscles and ligaments; and so when it redirects the energy from the muscles and ligaments to the pancreas than those muscles and ligaments suffer. And how does the muscle and ligaments suffer? They tighten up and they are attached to the bone so they will pull the bone out and then cause more impingement on the nerve that’s already being stressed and then the cycle just continues.

Kathy:                     That’s gorgeous, I have thought about it like that.

Jeanette:              Yeah, it’s really remarkable.

Jim:                           I like the way you made it simple and very understandable, I can literally picture what you’re talking about.

Dr. Dan:                 Thank you.

Jeanette:              Yeah. And by going to someone knowledgeable like you, you can determine what’s causing that and then make an adjustment to correct the problem but not everyone is like that. Can you mention that?

Dr. Dan:                 Well I think that education is extremely important and all doctors continue to further their education. We have further ours in multiple areas so that we are specialists in the cranium; the temporomandibular joint or TMJ, upper cervical where brainstem comes down out of the brain and the pelvis. So we do full extremity work and we just like to say we have a lot of tools in our toolbox.

Jeanette:              Sure. And the TMJ, we were talking about that before and if you will give like the real version of it, what does it stand for?

Dr. Dan:                 Temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Jeanette:              So it’s in your jaw.

Dr. Dan:                 Yes.

Jeanette:              And for people who have dentures or have dental work, some things that fit incorrectly, it could be contributing to that. And so how this practice and how these procedures work in alignment or in conjunction with other medical professions to help you be more balanced, to have more structure and alignment.

Dr. Dan:                 Correct. We work in conjunction with many dentists in our area and a dentist does their job and we do ours. The end result is that the patient or senior makes sure that not only do those dentures or caps fit well but that they are not causing any stress unnecessarily on either the jaw or it can get transferred into the neck or into the cranium causing severe headaches.

I pleasantly have to say that I had a woman who is 87 years old came to see me after friends in her church talked to her for 15 years about getting rid of her migraine headaches and I put her jaw back in place and did a mild manipulation of her cranium and after three adjustments she hasn’t had a migraine since.

Jim:                           Isn’t that fascinating! Actually why we were having coffee this morning… and by the way, with Dr. Strelcheck’s clinic serving the community for 57 years, there is a lot of experience in that. And while we were having coffee this morning the doctor was going over this TMJ and I pictured my wife. My wife stresses her jaws. She wears a mouthpiece because of the pressure and just recently I would say over the last year, and a half she has been getting migraines.

Now she hasn’t looked into it, we have contributed to the weather which can be part of it but I would think with all that pressure on her jaws we are going to be making an appointment with the good doctor here.

Dr. Dan:                 Well wonderful, I knew there was a reason I came down here.

Jim:                           Very good. Hey, it’s time for our trivia question and this week’s trivia question is how long has Strelcheck Chiropractic been serving the community? We’re looking for the second caller this morning. The correct answer will receive a $15  gift card. The calling number is 847-531-1410. Start the phone lines going.

Kathy:                     Before we forget Dr. Dan, could you share your contact information with our audience?

Dr. Dan:                 Our main clinic is in Crystal Lake Illinois. It is at 815-459-3860 or you can visit us on We also have a facility in Barrington with the same contact information; they will schedule the appointment for Barrington also.

Jeanette:              And I know when you’re in Elgin, Crystal Lake seemed so far away but when I was a child it was far away, it’s not for now.

Jim:                           It isn’t.

Jeanette:              I actually took my son to the orthodontist in Crystal Lake, just jumping on Randall and you are right there.

Jim:                           Yeah, we live in Bartlett, it’s a 25 minute drive.

Jeanette:              Yeah and when you have a quality chair you are willing to make that drive, it’s worth the drive.

Dr. Dan:                 Jim, go to Bartlett for my primary care physician so I trust him and he is a very good doctor there.

Jim:                           Very good, I’m going to have to get his name. Very good, looks like we’ve got a caller. Good morning caller! Can I get your first name and where you are located?

Linda:                      Linda and I’m in Elgin.

Jim:                           Hey Glenda how are you?

Linda:                      Good, thanks.

Jim:                           Very good thanks for listening this morning. Do you have the answer to our trivia question? I am going to repeat it one more time. How long has Strelcheck Chiropractic been serving the community?

Linda:                      57 years almost 58.

Jim:                           Oh, that’s fantastic!

Linda:                      I was listening!

Jim:                           There’s the bell! Oh, the applause ran out of batteries, oh no, we just didn’t turn it on. Here it comes! – Glenda fantastic! While we have you on the phone, any questions for the good doctor?

Linda:                      I just have a question, my mom is older, she is almost 86 and she has a lot of lower back pain and she has been diagnosed as arthritis. Would chiropractic work help that? Her doctor had told her that because it’s arthritis it wouldn’t do any help for it.

Dr. Dan:                 Well, I just took in a new patient yesterday who is 94 years old and everybody pretty much after the age of 25 has some form of arthritis in their spine so that’s not unusual that your mother would have some and a very common condition associated but not diagnosed by many of the medical community is the strain sprain of somebody sick with iliac ligaments in the pelvis.

But when this happens, and it’s very common with women because of having babies, the pelvis becomes unstable and that’s the foundation for the spine. So if that pelvis can be firmed up which we have a specialty technique called sacral occipital technique that does a periodontal but efficient job of doing so, then having a strong foundation, then those arthritic joints can be loosened, can be lubricated with motion and those nerve endings that may be associated and excited because of the arthritis, will be calmed down with either ice or a common ibuprofen if your mom can take something like that.

Jim:                           Excellent. Glenda that would maybe be worth a look.

Linda:                      Yes, I appreciate the information.

Jim:                           Very good! Glenda, thanks for listening this morning. Or is it Linda?

Jeanette:              Glenda the good witch Jim.

Jim:                           Linda, I apologize! I need to go to the hearing doctor.

Linda:                      Or I need to speak more clearly perhaps.

Jim:                           Oh Linda, Derek already has information thanks for listening this morning and tell your friends all about us.

Linda:                      I will thank you very much.

Jim:                           Thank you Linda.

Linda:                      You’re welcome, bye-bye.

Kathy:                     Good recovery!

Jeanette:              It was a good recovery, excellent. We only have a few minutes left but they may ask you this question. For blood pressure, I know that there is a way we can lower blood pressure naturally. Could you just give us an idea about that?

Dr. Dan:                 That’s a pretty big subject Jeanette. Of course nutritional-wise lowering our cholesterol and lowering our red dyes and things that we might be allergic to, our body doesn’t like foreign in it is still one of the most obvious ways.

Now the nervous system comes out of the spine at the top of your back and it primarily feeds your heart at that level. So a lot of children approximately, 80 to 85% of the public gets whip lashed before the age of four learning; how to ride a bike, learning how to walk.

Jim:                           Going on the Tilt The World.

Jeanette:              You, or on those roller coasters.

Dr. Dan:                 Just watch America’s funniest videos.

Jim:                           Yeah!

Dr. Dan:                 When you get whiplashed at an early age, you lose your cervical curve and many times it even reverses. So the upper back has to compensate and the thoracic curve or your upper back curve sinks in and so the nerves in your upper back go to your heart, your lungs, gallbladder, and stomach so those are very often affected. And so if we can relieve the pressure on those we find that we have a very positive result with somebody’s blood pressure.

Jeanette:              Who would have ever expected that is the response? Because we go to the doctor and the doctor gives her some medication, like a medical doctor and they give you medication and then when you go of that medication you could end up in the hospital because it is so severe but it’s something that we are really doing to ourselves.

Jim:                           Unbelievable! And I look at myself in the mirror…

Jeanette:              And say how handsome you are.

Jim:                           Yeah!

Jeanette:              That’s what we say.

Jim:                           I go to the good doctor to check things out here; it’s not the outer beauty, it’s the inner beauty.

Jeanette:              You are beautiful both ways Jim.

Kathy:                     [24:09 inaudible]

Jim:                           I am turning red.

Jeanette:              Well again doctor thanks so much for being or guest on our show today and if you would give us your information one more time so that everyone is sure to have it to call and make an appointment.

Dr. Dan:                 It’s Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic in Crystal Lake Illinois. We are conveniently located at 10 North Virginia Street otherwise known as Route 14 and our phone number is 815-459-3860 and now you can certainly take a real close look at us at

Jeanette:              If you could too, give us an idea; I know you do adjustments but there is other things that you do too. We talked about the orthotics and massage therapy.

Dr. Dan:                 Yeah, we have full massage and physical therapy tech staff.

Jeanette:              Nutrition?

Dr. Dan:                 We do nutrition. The doctors do emergency nutrition and then we have a full-time nutritionist that is available. We sell a product called Isogenics which is a very healthy and science-based protein and vitamins shake so it’s a convenient way to get all of your vitamins in the morning. It’s a food supplement so instead of having greasy eggs and something that’s maybe not so healthy for you, you can get all of your vitamins in place of it.

Jim:                           I wish we were on TV because you saw Doctor Dan and I standing together you would see a very fit young man next to me and I am not fit and this nutrition has really become part of my thinking and I should have done it a long time ago. I didn’t change the oil so duplex and would have to make an appointment with Doctor Dan to get educated on all of this and maybe have that emergency nutrition plan.

Dr. Dan:                 The great thing about what we do at the clinic, it’s never too late to start and generally always see everybody improve and to better. And at least we have the experience and knowledge that if we are not the right doctor we will certainly steer you in the right direction.

Jim:                           And your doctor is close to my house. I need to get that name. Thanks for being with us again doctor!

Dr. Dan:                 Yes, thank you


Jim:                           Don’t touch that dial, stay tuned for the Radio Shopping Show right here on WRMN AM 1410. Tell your friends about listening to us at 9:30 every Tuesday morning and Silver Solutions Radio!

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