The Bradley Method

The Bradley Method of natural childbirth is a series of classes designed to teach pregnant women and their partners natural labor induction techniques in which they both play an active role. Instead of seeking to control labor with distraction techniques or pain medication, The Bradley Method teaches you to embrace your body’s natural process by utilizing relaxation techniques during labor. The Bradley Method teaches how to increase self-awareness as well as how to deal with the stress of labor. Our chiropractors and specialists practice all kinds of different pain relieving techniques, including a variety of relaxation and movement techniques, in order to find what works best for each couple. Birth truly can be an amazing and empowering experience for Mom, Dad and baby and The Bradley Method, used at Strelcheck Chiropractic in Crystal Lake, can show you how.

Who Is It For

Any mom-to-be and her support person, whoever that may be

Why Natural Birth

A natural birth is what is safest for both mom and baby and provides her with the utmost awareness for a thrilling experience. Educating and preparing for this is of great importance so that couples know what to expect as well as how to manage labor.

When To Start

The best time to start is around the fifth or beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy.

Class Topics

Relaxation and breathing techniques
Stages of labor
Variations and complications
Coaches techniques
Labor rehearsals
Birth plans and much much more.


I have always been an athlete and have always had a high tolerance for pain, but nothing prepared me for labor and the birth of my son like the Bradley Method. The visualization techniques and birth plan really helped to keep me from flying into hysterics. Megan was an awesome instructor and helped me whenever we had questions. Her knowledge was incredible! I also love that Bradley Method encorages the husband to take an active role in labor.  I recommended Bradley Method and Megan to everyone because its what’s best for mother and child!”

Karyn and Jason
Crystal Lake

Megan was a very informative teacher. She has a very wam personality and made us feel comfortable during our Bradley classes. She answered any questions we had and went out of her way to stay later and take as much time as needed to instruct the class and teach us the Bradley Method.  We asked her to also be our Doula for the birth of our daughter. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this without her. Through her excellent teaching, I was able to have a natural childbirth and follow through with the Bradley Method. I would recommend Megan to anyone who is interested in natural childbirth. ”

Tanya and Aaren



Megan Story

Megan Norton, Graduate with Honors from Elmhurst College 2009 with Bachelor’s of Science in Physical and Health Education.

“When I became pregnant I just assumed I knew exactly what I was going to do. I figured I’d go into labor, go to the hospital get my epidural and pop out a baby. I never thought that there could be a different route. Hearing the words “natural birth” terrified me. I thought that nobody could do that, and even if they could why would they want to?

It was my husband who introduced me to The Bradley Method. I was reluctant at first thinking things like, “when he has the baby, he can do it the way he wants, but there is no way I’m doing it without pain medication.” I eventually gave in and decided to go ahead and take classes with him. After the very first class I had a whole new outlook on labor and birth! It was so interesting to hear someone talking about it as if it were something that my body was born to do naturally and how the medical world had robbed it of its true wonder and beauty.

Not only did I continue with classes but I even decided to switch care providers to an amazing group of midwives. Even though I knew that my body was created for this and that this was the safest things for my baby and I, I was still very nervous about giving birth. The Bradley classes calmed my fears and anxieties by providing me with an education that helped me with what to expect and how to handle it.

At 38 weeks and 5 days I gave birth to a beautiful 9 lb 7 oz baby girl completely unmedicated. I was supported by my wonderful husband, doula (who happened to be my Bradley instructor) and midwives. It was a truly incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world! I am so thankful for The Bradley Method and how much it helped me. Now it’s my turn to help other women find the strength and power that they didn’t know they had!”