Let Laughter Into Your Life

When was the last time you had a good giggle attack?  Laughter is not only fun – it has proven health benefits as well.  By laughing more often, you automatically improve your mood (and the moods of those around you!) reduce stress and nervousness, and lower your blood pressure.  It’s hard to stay stressed when you’re chuckling away, right?

Laughter can also improve your relationships – research shows that most couples place high value on each other’s sense of humor.  A shared joke with a co-worker can help bond you as friends.

How can you let more laughter into your life?  The next time you reach a weight-loss goal, reward yourself by renting a funny new movie or meeting a friend at a local comedy club.  Call a friend and reminisce about a funny story from your past.  Organize a silly group activity – a board game or scavenger hunt – for the kids and their friends, and be sure to play.

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