It’s OK TO BE SICK!!!!

We all know that feeling.  It starts with a tickle in the back of your throat.  Then the congestion and postnasal drip and body aches start.  That’s right you are getting sick!  Yep cold and flu season is here.  EVERYBODY FLEE IN TERROR!!!!

Ok, ok stop I am kidding.   In the past few decades we have been inundated with products to kill every microbe both good and bad.  From hand sanitizer to anti-bacterial soap we were and are in an era of excessive hygiene that has not equipped our bodies with the knowledge it needs to fight off diseases. In fact in 2016 the FDA banned the use of many to the antibacterial chemicals in soap over fears of their safety in long term use including the most common one Triclosan.

But it does seem lately that the fear of getting sick and actually getting sick has become an overwhelming issue.  Kids can’t miss school!  You can’t miss work!  I want you to listen very carefully.  For the vast majority of us it is ok to get sick!  Without exposure to viruses and bacteria we cannot develop a strong immune system and while sometimes the stronger ones overtake us for a short period of time and we get sick, it is necessary. I like to call getting sick “a little exercise for your immune system”.  Now being sick is defiantly not fun but there are natural things you can do to prevent getting sick and lessen the time being sick.

First actually get exercise! Exercise has shown to stimulate immune activity as well as lower stress and when you lower stress you become less susceptible to infection. So the more you move the quicker your immune system reacts.

Second eat better and supplement if necessary. Eating well including fruits vegetable and nuts will help provide your body with the nutritional building blocks needed to support the immune system in fighting off the diseases.  Stay away from sugar.  Sugar has shown to slow down immune system reaction time.  Supplementing with Vitamin C has shown to reduce severe complicating symptoms and Vitamin D3 is extremely important in activing our immune systems.  Without enough Vitamin D3, which we tend to be deficient on in the winter due to lack of exposure to sunlight, T-cells have shown to not activate and thus we lose time in fighting infections.

Thirdly, and most near and dear to my heart, is keeping your body properly adjusted through chiropractic.  Chiropractic adjustments allow for proper nerve flow and brain to body communication.  The brain controls every function of your body, including your immune system, so having that pathway clear will only have a positive effect on the proper function of the immune system.

So while it may suck to get sick it is a normal and needed part of life. Without the small immune battles you will not be prepared for the big ones. Taking natural steps to prevent and build up your defenses is that best way to deal with it.  Your body has everything it needs to fight just make sure you give it the best chance you can.

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