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Are you suffering and in pain? Do you feel tired all the time? Is it hard to concentrate or sleep? Millions of Americans suffer from chronic back pain at least once in their lifetime. One in four people watching this are trying to cope with back pain right now – the bottom line? Pain disrupts our lives stopping us from doing what we love most; being active, spending time with family and friends. Most painful conditions worsen if left undiagnosed or neglected. There is help at Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic.

The doctors at Strelcheck are experienced at using effective and gentle chiropractic techniques to treat a variety of painful conditions such as low back pain, numbness in the arms, legs or hands, neck stiffness and migraine headaches. Hundreds of people have relied on the doctors at Strelcheck to keep their families healthy, active and together for 50 years.

Dr. Strelcheck: Hello, I am Dr. Dan Strelcheck. I’m a chiropractor. I have been here in Crystal Lake since 1958 and it’s been a wonderful journey through all these years. I don’t know where they went but it sure has been fun.

Dr. Daniel: Hi, I am Dr. Daniel Strelcheck. My father started the clinic 50 years ago. It’s been great working with him and I have been able to learn from him firsthand. We have been practicing together now for 11 years.

Dr. Norton: My name is Dr. Peter Norton. I am the senior associate chiropractor here at Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic.

The most important cases to me are like cases of patients with more chronic issues; those with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, severe migraine, TMJ and headaches. Those are the patients that I like to see and are absolutely the ones that respond beautifully to what I do.

Speaker: Everybody needs help when they have a problem no matter how old or how young. There is a way that usually you can give them some type of relief. If we cannot do it then the most important thing is to get them to somebody that you believe that can.

Ryan: My name is Ryan Johnson; I am the head of the massage department. With the chiropractic what we do is we actually try to release the tension from the muscles that are pulling the bones out of place and we also can help hold the adjustments by after the adjustments have been done by the doctor we can also take more and more tension and also increase the blood flow to help the healing process for the patient.

Speaker: I am always excited to see and meet new people and after we do a thorough exam and x-rays we know if we can help the person.

Over the last 50 years we have been able to see many, many persons and families benefit greatly from our care and that’s a true joy in our lives.

Announcer: The best patient care takes a combination of experience, skill and judgment. Our doctors take the time to listen to you so we can work with you to feel great again and we are always charting a course for improvement by staying on top of the latest treatment methods to help common and chronic health problems. As we continue to learn, we take a leadership role in the community.

Speaker: Well, the community has been supporting us for 50 years. As you know we are celebrating our 50th year and so we feel very obligated and we feel very motivated to support our community.

Announcer: Sharing health tips and information.

Speaker: We are excited about a little project that right now we are calling the chiro-minute and that is where we are going to take very specific conditions and we are going to try to expand the horizon of what the public knows and thinks a chiropractor can do.

Announcer: As well as hands-on treatment and care. And our results show one after another satisfied patients extend the trust that they have placed in us by sharing our names with friends and family.

Speaker: I have referred probably 20 patients. It never fails them when I am in here, I don’t run into somebody that I’ve referred to or somebody from our community and I’ve got to know the staff very well over the years and everybody here is fantastic.

Speaker: Just from walking in the door I love it here. Strelcheck has been wonderful. It’s like a family.

Speaker: I keep coming back for one reason and only because there is results after every single time he takes care of me. If it’s not immediate it’s within hours after I leave here I feel the relief of whatever he has treated me for and I will continue coming back to him because I know I can get better.

Speaker: They are very warm here, family oriented. You feel so comfortable just coming here.

Speaker: I was working as a mechanic and I got caught underneath a dash of a car and I couldn’t get straightened out so we went out to Dr. Dan and he straightened me out and I have been with them ever since.

Speaker: I have been a patient here at Strelcheck simply because I feel very comfortable, they take care of all the problems and issues I do have come in and they treat me very nice and I feel very comfortable here and would recommend highly anybody else that would be interested in coming.

Announcer: Get back to your life and the people you love. Feel great again. Call Strelcheck chiropractic clinic.

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