The Chiropractic Key to Health

Keeping your spinal column free from vertebral subluxations helps keep your natural immunity high. Whatever else you do for yourself, it is necessary if you are suffering from the flu, colds, and respiratory problems, or sinus and allergy trouble, that your spinal column be healthy. It could make the difference between a quick recovery or a lingering illness! Chiropractic care can help raise your natural resistance to disease by removing a serious interference to your proper body functions: vertebral subluxations. Natural resistance is the only reason why your cold “goes away” rather than lasting for weeks. It is not usual to have our patients tell us that since they have been under chiropractic care, “I haven’t had a cold, or if I get a cold, I get over it so much faster.”

Vertebral subluxations are misaligned vertebrae in your spine that interfere with your nerves and the flow of information and energy between your brain and the rest of your body. These subluxations lower your natural resistance to disease by unbalancing your nervous system. Chiropractors perform detailed spinal examinations to detect and locate these subluxations in your body, and then correct them by spinal adjustments. Keeping your spinal column free from vertebral subluxations helps your natural immunity high – the best defense against colds and flu, and sinus problems. If your body is working properly, your resistance to germs, dust, temperature changes, and other stresses is high. Also, by relieving stress on the nervous system, your body works more efficiently and helps ensure that the skill bones “breathe,” permitting the body fluids to drain without interference.

We treat many sinus sufferers, and have found that the combination of chiropractic adjustments and our natural Standard Process supplements is very effective. One patient states, “I had one sinus infection after another, and one antibiotic after another, month after month, all year around. Chiropractic care and the supplement, Thymex, have been the answer for me. I’m not saying that my sinuses never bother me – sure I still have some bad days especially with weather changes. But, I no longer need antibiotics, and the sinus headaches usually only last for a day, and are immediately relieved by and adjustment.” Once the subluxations re corrected and the immune system is built up, the body can do what it does best: heal itself naturally!

Chiropractic really works!

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