6 Benefits of Chiropractic Care You Might Not Know

6 Benefits of Chiropractic Care You Might Not Know

Ask a person what comes to mind when she thinks of a chiropractor, and it is highly likely she will respond with, “Someone who fixes my back.” 

The truth is chiropractors offer many more health benefits than repairing an out-of-sorts back. In fact, Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic treats at least 25 different conditions. 

Even the most devoted of patients might not realize that their practitioner can solve more riddles than the one behind their back and neck pain.

1. Full Body Pain Relief

Performing spinal adjustments, chiropractors restore the natural positioning and functioning of the vertebrae, thereby reducing pain. They are best known for their healing power when it comes to back and neck pain. However, a chiropractor’s skill with his most valued tool — his hands — can address far more than that.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Many patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome seek chiropractic care. By adjusting the bones within the arms, wrists, and hands, chiropractors can relieve the source of the pain and tingling: compression on the carpal nerves within the wrist.

Believe it or not, more than 200 studies support chiropractic care as a natural, effective alternative to medication for treating headaches, including sinus, tension, and migraine headaches. In fact, headaches often are the result of back misalignment, which causes muscle tension and pain.

The sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, runs from the lower spine, through the buttocks, and down into the thigh and lower leg. Sciatica refers to irritation along that path of the body caused by a damaged or pressured sciatic nerve. Sciatica sufferers might feel numbness, tingling, burning, or shooting pain from simple motions such as walking or sitting. Chiropractors provide leg treatment to relieve this pain.

2. Blood Pressure Control

Nearly half of U.S. adults have hypertension, or high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Studies support that chiropractic care is a natural, effective alternative to address this common health condition (patients with low blood pressure, too). Additionally, the effects of spinal adjustment persist for six months after the treatment. 

Patients who seek chiropractic care also avoid negative side effects of high blood pressure medications, including fatigue, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, and weight loss. 

3. Inflammation Reduction

As experts in spinal engineering, chiropractors use their methods to reduce inflammation. Because inflammation is one of the lead causes of pain, joint issues, and tension, this is a benefit enjoyed by athletes and others who value staying active and healthy. 

Regular visits to the chiropractor also helps patients avoid injury, speed the recovery process, and increase range of motion.

4. Immune System Protection

A chiropractor knows that everything is connected when it comes to a properly functioning body. Misalignment of the spine may even disrupt a healthy nervous system, weakening the body’s immune system and its efforts to ward off viral and bacterial infections. A chiropractor can restore function to nerves to ensure cells are operating the way they ought to.

5. Stronger Digestive Health

Again, everything is connected. A bad back might be damaging to your digestive health. Chiropractors address common digestive problems, such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and acid reflux, through spinal manipulation. However, many also double as your nutrition and fitness advisor, issuing expert exercise and dietary guidance to help you improve your digestive health.

6. Happier Version of You

Pain and discomfort can lead to dissatisfaction with quality of life. Making your body a priority by visiting a chiropractor regularly also benefits the mind and soul. Patients have reported improved sleep quality, less stress, more energy, a calmer mind, and the ability to relax. 

Experience all of the benefits a chiropractor has to offer. In addition to improving health and wellness, following the path of a chiropractor is a natural, less costly, and less invasive route to taking care of your mind, body, and soul.

For a complete list of health and wellness benefits we offer at Strelcheck Chiropractic Clinic, please visit the Conditions Treated tab on our website or call us at 815-459-3860. 


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